Democrats happy to tell you how to vote |

Democrats happy to tell you how to vote

Since when did local Democrats become the “intelligent” party and a dictatorship?

First a local woman says the selection of Gov. Palin is “an insult to any intelligent woman.” Aside from disagreeing with her positions or experience, she is the only candidate from either side who probably best understands what most families got through. This is her appeal – a regular person in the White House and not a politician.

Then we have Felicia Muftic writing in her weekly column, “If you are planning to vote for a third party candidate…you can count your vote…as throwing the election…” Excuse me?

We can all take down our flags – the country we fight and die for and the right to vote for whom we believe in – the Democrats will now tell us when we are stupid and whom to vote for. We can all rest easy.

Ken Anderson


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