Developers have interesting way of connecting to community |

Developers have interesting way of connecting to community

The Winter Park Group certainly has a thoughtful way of endearing itself to WP.

The quick move to destroy the mural at the Shed was disgusting. The reason I say it is disgusting is because there were interested parties that would have removed mural from the building set for demolition. I think your mind was made up from the start about what was going to happen ” then went forward. So with that I would like to set the list for the excuses and crap ” your companies and similar likely will bring to East Grand County.

“We want to be part of this community” ” Translation: We will get the quote in the local paper or similar, but eventually we will wear you down, after all in 10 years, no one will remember our names because we will have made our big money and moved on. (See Grand Park Signs)

“We will bring good jobs to the community” ” Translation: If you are illegal it probably pays much better than back in the ‘Old Country’. However, if you are a Grand County working stiff, you can count on us to do our part to drive down wages and working conditions, because after all, our friends from the Old Country can do it for half that.

” We will bring high quality projects to the community” ” Translation: Yah Right, check out our Web site; reads like a road map for other carpet baggers looking for a quick buck via cheap labor, junk projects and indifference to what made this community cool.

” The mural was deteriorating – do want a picture ?” ” Translation: We didn’t have the nuts to tell the newspaper that our minds had been made up since we purchased the property.

So now you know where I stand ” I have a small construction related business staffed with great people with families. Companies like yours don’t meet our stringent customer qualification standards. We’ve been around long enough to see your kind come and go, but come on, The Mural? ” That was heartless.

Let me know if you need help loading your moving van.

Tim Moreland


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