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Disagree with letter writer’s objection to Indian Peaks funding

To the Editor:

There was a letter to the editor in your paper Friday that I strongly disagree with. The letter suggested that the Indian Peaks Charter School doesn’t deserve funding.

In the article it states and I quote, “Charter Schools are public by name only. They are really private schools financed by tax dollars.” But we are indeed a public school by name and in reality. If we were not a public school, we would not have been at the meeting last Monday and the district would not be considering giving us money at all.

We choose our teachers very carefully to assure that our children get the best schooling they can, and the district must agree because they have hired five teachers that, at one time, taught at our school.

As far as 95 percent of the children going to “traditional schools” and 2 percent of the children going to Indian Peaks Charter School ” that is the point. The point of charter schools is to have small class sizes to give each individual child the attention they need. With that said, we are asking for funds so we can return to our original population of approximately 80 students by possessing a proper facility.

Lastly, to go to the Christian School you must be a member of their church or get a special lettcr from the priest at your church, and to attend private school you must pay tuition that many students cannot afford. The Indian Peaks Charter School gives you a great, free, public education.

Jacqueline Quinn