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Dissenting Grand Lake Rec District Board members deserve credit

To the Editor:

It has come to my attention that one of the Grand Lake Metropolitan Recreation Board members has questioned the budget after it was approved. I would like to congratulate this board member for his act.

It is important that my interests as a taxpayer are protected. Since each taxpayer has different views, that requires board members with different views to pose questions and seek answers. It does not require everyone to be right 100 percent of the time. It just requires the courage to question even when you are in the minority.

Hopefully, the questions will lead to greater understanding and a better GLMRD. I hope the controversy blows over quickly as questions should be encouraged and not criticized.

I see no reason for board members to resign even if they are in the minority. If the minority always had to resign, you’d be down to a two-member board very quickly. I’m sure every single member of the board can remember a time when they were in the minority on an issue that was very important to them.

I offer my congratulations to every board member who has stood up for what they believe in.

Mike Tompkins

Grand Lake