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DNC: Day Two: What’s on Tap

Greg Campbell

The second day of the Democratic National Convention in Denver promises to feature more of the civil unrest and impromptu street protests that have marked the previous few days. After a slate of about 100 arrests last night during a massive clash between cops and protesters, more direct action on the streets of Denver is expected throughout the day and night.

Speaking to FC Now outside the Capitol this morning, Recreate 68 founder and spokesman Glenn Spagnuolo warned that the uneasy truce that existed between police and protesters had been broken by last night’s conflict.

“We didn’t take to the streets last night, we were pushed into the streets,” he said, noting that the media missed the early part of the conflict in which he claims police harassed protesters in Civic Center Park. “The police acted like animals.”

Spagnuolo said Denver can expect a “long and hot night” tonight.

Of course there are far more benign activities throughout the day, which Fort Collins Now’s dedicated staff of DNC’s corespondents will be reporting on throughout the day.

Check back here frequently for stories on:

» The puppet parade scheduled to wander through the streets of Denver around the state Capitol this morning;

» Reporting on energy issues from DNC roundtable meetings, wind-energy presentations (including by Northern Colorado’s Vestas Wind Energy) and the new energy economy;

» A look at what GOP bigwigs ” including former candidate Mitt Romney, who is on Sen. John McCain’s short list of VP choices ” are doing in Denver today;

» Coverage of the women’s caucus, DNC Chairman Howard Dean’s meeting with bloggers this afternoon and a look at how, exactly the political landscape is changing in the West to the benefit of the Democrats.

» The big speech by the Queen Bee herself, Sen. Hillary Clinton. Will finally put a cap on the rumors, the grumbling and the angst about her loss to Barack Obama and she swing for the fences for him? Stick with Fort Collins Now to find out.

Of course stay tuned throughout the day for ongoing coverage, up to the minute reporting about protests and police actions, and if we find the time, maybe even a little nightlife coverage for a change … assuming we don’t get caught in any police/protester clashes.

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