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DNC: Gov. Ritter ready for the spotlight

Rebecca Boyle

Colorado’s Democratic stars are readying for a night under the national spotlight Thursday, in an event at Invesco Field at Mile High that they hope will draw as much attention to the Centennial State as it will to the Democrats’ presidential nominee.

Despite a major war protest Wednesday that disrupted the city and caused general mayhem, it has been a good week for Colorado”and for Gov. Bill Ritter, who seems to be enjoying his foray into the national sphere.

With the Democratic National Convention in Denver, a sharp focus on the West was inevitable and intentional; national Democrats smell blood in the gains their party has made in the region in recent years.

With the emphasis on the West comes a focus on Colorado Democrats. Ritter got a shout-out from the national party Tuesday, which adopted his campaign slogan and nascent movement, a “new energy economy,” elevating the idea to a “new energy America.”

“It makes me feel great. You’ve only heard me say ‘new energy economy’ what, about a thousand times? We’re just not going to let up on this. And for this to become sort of the mantra around how we think about energy going forward, it’s a real testament to our success,” he said Wednesday.

He wouldn’t offer a sneak peek of his speech Thursday night, which will kick off a litany of talks by Colorado Democrats who will discuss the West and why they think Sen. Barack Obama should do well here.

“I’m going to couch it as a short introductory speech for the evening. We’ll talk about our experience in Colorado to transform leadership from Republicans to Democrats,” he said.

Ritter demurred when asked whether the DNC would elevate him to a higher plane in national politics, saying if he had any selfish interests it was in electing a better state partner to the White House.

“I’m just looking forward to serving the people of this state in the way I have. It’s a true privilege and very honestly, I don’t think about it that way at all. This is not about me, this is about Barack Obama,” he said.

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