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DNC: Hillary Champions Universal Health Care

Andrew Villegas

Hillary Clinton talked health care to a gathering of health-care professionals Wednesday morning in her traveling pantsuit.

It was turquoise Wednesday in the Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing arts, instead of the burnt, Bronco orange suit she wore Tuesday night when she gave a rousing speech at the Pepsi Center. Clinton continued that theme Wednesday morning, often referring to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama as “President Obama” and telling supporters that Obama will fix health care if elected.

Clinton said the onus is on Congress, however, to come up with an inclusive universal health-care plan that lets everyone have a say in its creation before Obama takes office. That way it would be ready for him to sign as soon as it hits his desk.

Of course, there is that little matter of an election to settle before any of that happens. But the fact that neither presidential candidate had even been formally nominated Wednesday afternoon didn’t stop many Democrats at the Winning Health Care Reform forum”hosted by FamiliesUSA”from talking about universal health care that they say will be a reality when Obama becomes president.

“Health care is not just an issue for me,” Clinton said. “It’s the cause of my life.”

Clinton joined others in referencing the failed attempt to get universal health care passed during her husband Bill Clinton’s two terms as president.

“Virtually all of the stakeholders understand that we don’t have an option of doing nothing,” Hillary Clinton said, contrasting the urgency of health-care reform now to the 1993 reform package, which she championed.

Clinton also called the current health-care system “morally indefensible.”

Others said the urgency now makes health care the leading problem facing the next president.

“It will be the top and earliest domestic priority for the new president and Congress,” said Ron Pollack, executive director of FamiliesUSA. Most also called for nothing less than health care for all people.

“As a taxpayer I think we’re entitled”we’re entitled to that coverage,” said Rep. Hilda Solis, D-Calif.

Deomcratic Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick”after leading uncomfortable applause from forum attendees praising at least partially the efforts of possible Republican vice presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney”said the broad-based approach to health insurance is what Democratic leaders have learned may work, even if it includes Republicans.

“All means all, all, all, all all across the country,” Patrick said.

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