Don Hunt: Muftic pulling our leg |

Don Hunt: Muftic pulling our leg

Don Hunt
Fraser, Colorado

When I first read Felicia Muftic’s column I had trouble believing that any mature adult could possibly believe such silly ranting. After reading a few columns, though, I started to realize that Mrs. Muftic was just pulling our leg.

Her articles are obviously an attempt to copy Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. Lots of tongue in cheek humor and sarcastic remarks targeted at politicians. The only difference I can detect between Muftic’s articles and Rush Limbaugh’s radio show is that Rush occasionally offers a valid comment and some logic.

Nevertheless, I will faithfully read Mrs. Muftic’s articles (known by many as Felicia’s Follies). They offer a much needed degree of comic relief to the subject of politics, which has become more and more depressing.

Don Hunt