Don’t blame GOP for not extending benefits |

Don’t blame GOP for not extending benefits

Are Republicans really against extending unemployment benefits? NO.

I am compelled to respond to the mainstream media’s obsession with blaming Republicans for stopping the extension of unemployment benefits. Most of the media is reporting that the “Republicans have consistently blocked efforts to extend the aid.” Not true.

Republicans have offered several plans to extend these benefits with the simple caveat that “at least part of it be paid for without adding to the deficit” (think “fiscal responsibility”). One such bill simply requested that half of the bill’s cost be funded by unspent stimulus money (an astounding 52 percent of the stimulus money is unspent to date). Senate leader Reid rejected that offer without comment.

Republicans also agreed to a two-month extension of benefits (so everyone could regroup and discuss ways of financing additional extensions); again, it was rejected by Democrats.

Of course, I’m sure many of you were convinced that this huge deficit increase makes sense when Speaker Polosi told us on July 1 that “extending unemployment benefits will create jobs”. (Huh?) The obvious conclusion is the Democrats are using this as a political tool to assist them in the upcoming November elections and really don’t care about the effects on those who truly need assistance in this worsening economy that the Obama administration has created.

What a shame. What a sham.

Bob Gahan

Grand Lake