Don’t close The Open Book |

Don’t close The Open Book

The Open Book was originally started as a place where young minds could grow and prosper, where their creativity could spark and flourish. The Open Book is a place where students can think freely, and express their opinions that might not otherwise be heard. The Open Book has become this place for young minds. For about two years, students have come to this newspaper for those exact reasons. Not only do the students enjoy the challenge of publishing a quality paper, they also revel in the idea of articulating their individual opinions, and have adults understand and appreciate their voice in the community.

The Open Book lets students express their creativity in a way that was not possible before, and encourages that creativity to flourish beyond high school. With the tools given to them by participating in The Open Book, students are better equipped to become prosperous after high school, and it shows them that one voice can make a difference.

So please, do not allow this newspaper to die. After all, no one reads a closed book.