Don’t forget that Congress has lower approval rating than Bush |

Don’t forget that Congress has lower approval rating than Bush

To the Editor:

In a recent Gallup poll conducted June 9- 12 the following question was asked: ” I am going to read you a list of institutions in America society. Please tell me how much confidence you, yourself, have in each one ” a great deal, quite a lot, or very little ?”

In a listing of 16 institutions as follows in order of trust, please note, Congress is at the bottom, not Bush:

Military, small business, police, religion, medical, schools, Supreme Court, banks, presidency, TV news, newspaper, labor, criminal justice, big business, HMO, Congress.

My point is simple: While people sit around and bash Bush, I often hear little about the very, very poor job our very poorly rated Congress is doing. While we have some very hard issues facing this country, all directly related to the skyrocketing costs of goods, directly due to the rising costs of oil, our Congress goes on vacation ” yes, vacation.

You have to remember, Bush is not a king, he is one branch of three in our government, the people who work for US ” where are they?

If you saw the recent 60 minutes about Dubai, United Arab Emirates , we are sending billions every year to countries like this, whether they are our allies or not. We are transferring our future generations’ wealth as well as my grocery money every day.

We talk about sending jobs over seas. By buying foreign oil, we send more jobs overseas than any U.S. corporation moving ever did or will. California is raising taxes on businesses as well as individuals in order to pay for their welfare state. The solution to those companies is to MOVE out of California. This only deepens their problem.

California should be able to solve its problems by the state’s share of oil drilling money. A majority of Californians want drilling, but Nancy (Pelisse) won’t allow it.

Families continue to use their credit cards to rack up hundreds of dollars in fuel charges and food costs. This to only survive, and it’s not right, this while our Congress is on a month-long vacation.

While I agree that we need to address issues and work hard to go green, I’m not a big fan that the sky is falling. If we only spoke about drilling, I believe that would drive costs down, but no, not our Congress.

So why won’t they drill off of California? Why don’t we use our 80 billion barrels of oil shale here in Colorado ?

Nancy Pelosi, one individual out of 300 million Americans, is stopping it.

Call all members of Congress. Remember they work for us. Tell them we have had ENOUGH. They can be reached here: Ms. Pelosi, (202) 225-0100, House speaker; Mark Udall, (303) 650-7820, U.S. representative.

Steve Palm

Winter Park

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