Don’t let bond issue divert attention from other school issues |

Don’t let bond issue divert attention from other school issues

To the editor

Once again, I have some time to write in regards to the present educational system or lack thereof in east Grand County.

First, let me say that I know there are a lot of people countywide who, like me, wouldn’t write in because editorial thoughts would be edited to the point where your meaning and content were lost. Well, folks, there is once again, after a long hiatus, freedom of written expression in Grand County. Please express yourselves often, as there is much to discuss.

Today’s topic for me is once again the up and coming election process and the issues therein. The grand puppet master is once again trying to divert your attention from the scandal in regards to the school board president.

East Grand School District Superintendent Rob Rankin has announced the new board members in an effort to lull the public at large into believing all is once again status quo. I personally feel that there are some aspects of the bond initiative that have merit but not all.

This being said, I have a bad taste in my mouth for this administration. As mentioned in my previous letter to the editor, I have no trust or faith in this regime of Mr. Rankin’s.

I’m in no way totally against some of the recommendations in the bond issue, but here is my proposal. I will work tirelessly to help with the bond issue provided that maybe Mr. Rankin does what is best for this community and retire, effective immediately. What is needed is a new superintendent from out of this county, one with new perspective and fresh ideas.

We also need a superintendent who will back up the good teachers in their actions and send under-performing teachers down the road. Our school system needs discipline starting at the top, for with discipline comes respect for the teachers, the parents and society.

Once we have some respect, then pride follows, pride in our schools, pride in our community and pride in ourselves. The newly found pride will in itself improve learning and make the community a better place to live.

In closing, I will once again ask the question: Are the school board and Mr. Rankin really concerned with the welfare and improvement of our failing system? Or are they in it strictly for their own personal agenda?

Should this question go unanswered, I and others will do all in our power to forgo this bond initiative until at least next year’s election.

Stevan Hickox


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