Don’t let McCain take Colorado’s water |

Don’t let McCain take Colorado’s water

To the Editor:

It is my understanding that Sen. John McCain and his campaign spokesman both have said the “compact,” a key treaty governing distribution of water from the Colorado River among upstream states (that’s Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico) and downstream consumers (that’s Arizona, Nevada, and California), should be re-negotiated and may need modification, “to adjust to the realities of higher growth.”

Everyone needs to get serious about changing personal and business water use behaviors, not changing laws or treaties. It is my opinion that water will be more precious than oil in our lifetime. It is very important that we be good stewards of our lifeblood, water.

The lower Western states (and everyone else) need to get serious about conservation. We need to plant indigenous varieties of flora and use xeriscaping for our yards. Golfers need to use artificial turf on their expansive, wasteful golf courses (especially in the desert). Everyone (Las Vegas and California especially) needs to stop wasting water, control growth, and use water conservation practices.

Every effort to address the out of control, non-indigenous plants that are sucking away the water along the Colorado River as it heads downstream needs to be made without using chemicals.

Senator McCain, re-negotiating water allocation is NOT the answer.

Vote for Barack Obama in November. He will provide the leadership and the incentives to promote water, air and energy conservation from all Americans, creating quality jobs in the process. If we give this new kind of vision a chance, I have every confidence we will not be disappointed … but we have to be brave enough to give it a chance.

American values, like protecting our water, air and land are what Barack Obama stands up for.

Gail Brooks

Grand Lake

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