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East Grand issues statement regarding student drug incident on Dec. 15

A drug related incident that occurred on Dec. 15, 2016 involving a student from the East Grand School District recently prompted an investigation from the Granby Police Department (GPD). The GPD issued a press release about the occurrence last Thursday Dec. 29, 2016.

Following the press release from the GPD the East Grand School District (EGSD) issued a press release addressing the incident. The press release, which comes from EGSD Superintendent Frank Reeves, was sent to the Sky-Hi News on Friday Dec. 30, 2016. The release was also sent to parents of EGSD students.

The release begins by outlining a few details regarding the incident that prompted the entire investigation. “On December 15th (2016) the Granby Police Department was made aware of possible illegal drug transactions, distribution and use on or near East Grand Middle School and Middle Park High School,” begins the release. “East Grand School District has cooperated with law enforcement throughout the investigation.”

The release goes on to explain that as of Dec. 30, 2016 officials from the EGSD have been made aware of instances, “involving the sale of marijuana (in weed form as well as edibles) as well as the sell and usage of LSD.” According to the release from the EGSD multiple students from both the middle school and the high school were implicated in the investigation. “The investigation is still continuing and we do not want this information to interfere with and (sic) future police matters.”

The release from the EGSD makes several details clear that many local parents may be interested to know.

First, at no time were illegal drugs unknowingly taken.

Second, no student was forced to ingest any drugs.

Third, there is no evidence suggesting students provided anything other than money in exchange for drugs.

“The district is taking this matter very seriously and will be taking appropriate steps to discipline those implicated in this investigation as well as establishing programs, trainings and systems to hopefully insure we do not face another issue like this in the future,” reads the press release. Over the next few weeks the District has plans to bring drug-sniffing dogs in to sweep the school buildings and parking lots and the District plans to continue doing periodic sweeps in the future.

“We will also bring in experts to help work with our students and staff on drug related issues,” the press release stated.

“We have great students in this district and the actions of a few do no represent who we are or who we want to be,” stated Superintendent Reeves.

“We can use this event as a learning situation to improve the culture of our schools and our communities. We will be working with our students to establish avenues which they can report illegal activity in a safe and non-threatening way. We will train our staff to better recognize when students are under the influence of drugs and we will work with parents and the community to establish better lines of communication so we can all work together for the safety of our students.”

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