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East Grand Middle School students spread anti-dumping message

Eighth-graders roamed the streets of Granby on Thursday to spray-paint messages on roads — but not for the reason you might think.

Students from East Grand Middle School stenciled messages around drains in Granby reading, “No Dumping, Drains to River,” as part of an environmental education campaign.

Grand County Water Information Network worked in collaboration with the eighth-graders to paint the anti-pollution messages, thanks to a grant received this spring from the Grand Foundation.

The eighth-graders at East Grand have been studying pollution in class, and this project was a way for them to help the environment.

“It protects our rivers and helps control pollution,” said Ella Quesada, one of the students out Thursday morning. “It doesn’t affect us as much because we’re where the pollution starts, but it helps downstream mainly.”

Drains around Grand County all dump directly into nearby lakes, streams and rivers. The water is not cleaned before it empties into the waterways, meaning chemicals like lawn care byproducts, pet waste and auto oil get into the water and pollute the environment.

Everyone in Ella’s group agreed that the activity not only helped the environment, but was also a good way to leave school for a bit.

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