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Ed Saltzman – Obama is ‘biggest hypocrite of all’

To the Editor:

The Obama administration is a total disaster. The president cares little for the American public, he pushes this mess of a health care bill that most do not want and is concerned about his legacy and nothing else.

Talk about hypocrisy Barrack Obama is the biggest hypocrite of all. He campaigned on open government, transparency, no earmarks and a host of other things that never happened.

Obama wants to try KSM in a federal court and give him a fair trial and yet we are set to court martial three U.S. Navy Seals who were just doing their job.

Now, folks, if you want to see earmarks click on the following link http://sunshine.gop.gov/earmarks/ and click on any legislator and see how much money earmarks have cost the taxpayers.

Ed Saltzman

Grand Lake

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