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Ed Saltzman – Obama Leaves Us Exposed

Ed Saltzman
Grand Lake

With our nation faced with rising unemployment, small businesses declaring bankruptcy and most of all a nuclear threat from Iran, Obama dithers.

Now it is Copenhagen about climate control, Obama runs around the world bad-mouthing his own country and apologizing when we have nothing to apologize for. He has stated “right makes might.” I do think he has that backwards.

He is so wrapped up with this health care debacle he ignores everything else. Iran is threatening us and the rest of the world and we sit by and do nothing. Many of you were not around during the Cuban missile crisis when we came inches from nuclear war with the Russians. Something has to be done with Iran – they are thumbing their noses at us and we sit and take it. Obama can’t make the tough decisions and we will all pay dearly for it in the end.

It took him three months to decide on sending troops to Afghanistan – he stated he was giving it thought. I would imagine he was watching his poll numbers crash.

He continually blames everything on the prior administration.

President Bush will be out of office one year next month.

I have seen many administrations come and go but this one is actually worse than the Carter administration when all of this disrespect was allowed to foment in Iran after the embassy takeover.

I will tell you this is not the America I was raised in and taught to love and respect. We will see what happens in the 2010 elections.

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