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Ed Saltzman: Obama seems to think money is a crime

To the Editor:

Once again the empty suit is making empty promises. We started out with closing Gitmo leaving Iraq and Afghanistan four million new jobs and on and on. Obama now has us engaged in a war in Libya for what reason I cannot fathom.

Obama now once again wants to raise taxes on the “rich,” of course his friend and financial adviser Jeffery Immelt CEO of GE pays no taxes because GE keeps its profits in offshore banks.

The Obama administration seems to think that having money is a crime unless the money is held by his friends like George Soros. Obama is without a doubt a socialist and if he has his way will create a socialist oligarchy and we the American public will pay the tab.

Hopefully the HC bill will be ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS or he will be voted out in 2012 and the bill will be repealed.

Obama is out there making more empty promises and campaigning at taxpayer expense. Remember your vote will count!

Ed Saltzman

Grand Lake