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Elaine Henrekin: Boarders trash Granby skate park

To the Editor:

I am concerned about the lack of respect the users of the Granby Skate Park have for the facility they use. I am one of several early morning walkers, and as such, time and again when walking past the skate park there is garbage strewn everywhere. While there are two garbage containers right there, but for some reason don’t seem to be used by all. Where is the respect the young people of today lack? Are they not taught that it is a privilege to have such nice ammenities in their town? I realize that it’s not all the users who are responsible for the garbage, but, how about they bring it to the attention of the people who do lack that respect? Why does it seem that the more you give, the less the public respects it? Like I said, it’s not all the users, but a few spoiled apples will rot the barrel! It would be a sad state if the skate park had to be patrolled to prevent this from happening. Come on, let’s clean up after ourselves for the good of the whole community!

Elaine Henrekin