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Elena Campbell: Let’s find some issues that unite Americans

To the Editor:

The divisions along political party lines reach their crescendos during election seasons. To be sure, we cannot escape the duopoly system that the two major parties have created for themselves.

I say duopoly because when we take a close look at the major policies of war and finance in Washington, many of us begin to recognize that there is little difference at the top. I’ve seen bad Republican policies of bailouts, pre-emptive wars, and expanding government accelerate under this Democratic administration.

So, let’s stop sniping between the parties down here in our communities. Why not look for the things that unite us?

For instance, I know of no hard-working Americans who like big government in their business and pocketbooks every time they turn around. I know of no hard-working Americans who believe that some big government bureaucrat can make better decisions for their families than they can make for themselves.

Most hard-working Americans DO recognize the need for some government in any civilized society. We need peace officers, firefighters, and laws to prevent fraud and abuse, among other things. What we DO NOT need, most of us agree, is for big government to act as proxy for special, elite interests on Wall Street, in Big Ag, in Big Pharma, and in the Military Industrial complex.

This abuse of our government system – which is supposed to serve us, not them – must stop. When we take a close look at finance reform, the Food Safety Bill, or the Health Care reform package, we discover that they, once again, are serving the biggest, corporate interests. Instead of reining in the fat cats, Washington has given them the opportunity to feed off the American taxpayer and grow even fatter.

The Bill of Rights is a little rule book directed at the federal government with a bunch of “thou shalt nots.” The 10 Amendments say, “you shall not interfere with our right to free speech, or our right to bear arms. You shall not commit unreasonable search and seizure …” all the way to the wonderful 10th amendment, which says, in effect, “if we forgot anything, you can’t do that either because any Federal function not specifically enumerated in the Constitution is reserved for the individual States and the people.” Comments are welcome: brelena@consolidated.net.

Elena Campbell