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Emergency Response Team called to CR 50

Lance Maggart lmaggart@skyhidailynews.com

The Middle Park Emergency Response Team was called out Wednesday afternoon Sept. 28 to a possible domestic violence incident on Grand County Road 50.

Details on the situation were sparse Wednesday afternoon as authorities were responding to the incident, which was still in flux. According to details provided by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) County Deputies responded to County Road 50 on reports of a woman outside a residence asking for help claiming a man was attacking her. When Deputies arrived on the scene they found the parties involved in the potential dispute were inside a nearby residence and the residence had apparently been barricaded.

Authorities called out the Middle Park Emergency Response Team, which functions in a role more closely associated with the term SWAT Team, because of concerns that one of the parties inside the barricaded residence might be armed.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.



Grand Country Road 50 is currently closed between Grand County Road 508 and Grand County Road 509 and traffic is being diverted. County authorities are asking citizens to stay clear of the area and for anyone living in the area to remain in their homes.

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