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Encourage creativity at Halloween

Kyle Classen, fourth grade author of "Haunted keyboard"


“Witch Story” by Rylee Bogert

Once upon a time, there was a little girl walking in the woods and a witch popped out from behind a mountain.

The witch got the little girl and took her to her secret palace and locked her into the special jail that was all the way on top of the mountains.

The witch took her out to put a spell on her. Then, the little girl turned into a broom

that flies.

Then, a boy came along and the witch was his mommy.

The little boy went to the fridge to get a drink.

Then, there was another girl that the witch found and put her into the jail. The witch got her and also turned her into a broom for her son.

The girls came back to life when the witch and the little boy were sleeping. They snuck out the door and ran away together.

The witch woke up and chased the girls, but didn’t catch them.

The girls were let out and they saw two magic flowers. They put the flowers on their heads and made wishes to go home.

They didn’t get their wishes and ended up back at the palace. They found jars with milk in them. So, they drank and drank until all the milk was gone.

They fell asleep and when they woke up to find the jars broken and the witch woke up again – so they hid.

They made a wish again on the flowers that their parents were superheroes and their dogs were superdogs and came to save them.

And it worked.

Second grade

“Me and the Mansion” by Brooke Bronniman

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Brooke. She went for a walk. She went to a mansion. She knocked on the door. It opened by itself. It was scary.

I walked in. I went up the stairs and they were scary and there was a witch upstairs.

She looked at me. She had a pimple on her nose and long black hair. She was scary, too.

“Come in, my pretty,” said the witch.

“Oh, but I am so scared,” Brooke said.

“Don’t be scared. I have lots of fun things for you to do here,” said the wicked witch.

She opened the door and invited me to come inside. The castle was dark and creepy, with spiders and cob webs at every corner.

As we walked upstairs, bats flew all around out heads.

Soon, we came to a long narrow hallway that was dark and creepy.

As I walked along, I felt rats chewing on my shoelaces and spiders crawling up my legs. I was so scared and wanted to go home, but the witch wanted to take me to another room filled with her treasures.

As she was opening the door, I ran down the dark hallway and back down the stairs and hurried as fast as I could, all the way home.

I told my friends at school the next day what had happened but they didn’t believe a word I said.

Third grade

“The Immortal Take Over” by Ian Carver

I (Ian) have never been so terrified in my life. There was a vampire sucking my sister’s blood and I couldn’t get away because there was a king cobra circling my bed.

Then the vampire got me. Ian.

Three years later, I was in the third floor bedroom of a house. Looking at the wallpaper, I slowly traced one of my long, blood red fingernails across a bird. Then, he stood still, waiting. Slowly, slowly, the bird went from 2D to 3D. His long, black cloak hid his smile of satisfaction. The bird let out a caw, then flew away. Ian’s only regret was that you could see the fangs all too well.

After he had done that to all the other birds, he transformed back into a bat and started the long journey home.

Bixby was Ian’s sister. She was there when he got home. She was also a vampire. They exchanged stories.

She had been to Europe to talk to some zombies they knew. She said that they had decided to help us take over the world. I told her what I had done. Then, we went out to eat.

When we got back, there were several more vampires loose in the world.

One day, in the afternoon, a boy named Cody was going down to the basement to take out the trash. He stopeed, looking at a miniature door in the wall. Heart pounding like a drum, he stood there, still as a rock.

Slowly, and quietly, the door opened. Out came a leering zombie the size of a ruler.

He bellowed and ran out of the house, taking with him his sister and mother. His father wouldn’t come, so he had to leave him for the zombie.

One night, he awoke to find his mother’s blood being sucked by a vampire. Silent as a germ, he woke his sister and they ran away.

Ian and Bixby had invented a new way to make immortalism come true. It was a book that, in night, would grow vines that would turn that person into a ghost. They, they went to to sell them. Once they sold them, all the other mortals started turning into ghosts until Cody and his siter were the only mortals left. Cody’s sister bought one of the books. Then, she got turned into a ghost. Cody then suddenly disappeared off the surface of the earth. That’s why I’m king now. Bye.

Fourth grade

“Haunted keyboard” by Kyle Classen

I was walking home from school and was surprised to find the new music store was opened, so I took a look inside.

The store was dimly lit by a single light in the middle of the large room. In one corner, there were five small guitars. In another corner, there was a black and white keyboard.

The keys were as smooth as silk when I ran my hand across them. When I pressed on down, it made a beautiful sound like a bird’s song. So, I asked the store keeper,

“How much?”

“Five bucks,” he said.

“I’ll take it,” I said, handing him the money.

As I lugged it home, I heard a strange voice. It sounded like, “Sstay aaway.” When I got home, I reopened the case to see the keys on it were gone.

But, in there place were little trolls. The trolls had little black eyes bluging out of their tiny green heads. They had warty toes. They said, “We warned you.” as they opened a small black box and yelled, “Portal open.” At that very moment, dark smoke rose around me, then all of a sudden the world was different.

To my left, there was a pile of bones. To my right, were more bones. In fact, I was surrounded with them. I looked back and there was a giant black creature with short black legs and long black arms.

Then it charged. I ran for my life. He was gaining on me. I could feel his hot steamy breath running down my neck. It sent a shiver through my body. Suddenly, he grabbed me and jumped high into the air. I though I would never see earth again, but we plunged down into a huge hole.

I was alone. I tried to clumb up the steep slippery ditch, but no luck. I heard another mighty roar when something that had a body of a lion, but the ings and neck of a hawk swooped down and landed beside me. I though I was done for as it reared its neck and plunged its beak down at me. Then, it grabbed me, sat me on its back and took off. I thought it was a friffin, so I decided it was safe to hold on. All of sudden ” whoosh ” we dove down. Then ” thud ” we hit the ground. I flew off and landed hard.

I looked up. The griffin was gone, but in front of me was a store. When I stood up, I felt wobbly. I walked nervously toward the store. Inside, it looked exactly like the music store, except for on small thing. Instead of five guitars, there were five black boxes. A voice behind me said, “You wanna buy something?”

I thought for a moment. Then I said, “I’ll take one of those boxes over there.”

He sold me one, saying, “All you have to do is yell “portal open,” then you got yourself a one way ticket back.

When I got home, I returned the keyboard and everything was back to normal.

Fifth grade

“Test A” by Blake Pedersen

I had no idea what “Test A” was, but I thought the message was pretty important. So, I decide to go. Time had passed by as slow as can be, but when I started walking back home, the alley seemed to become much darker as I saw a pair of blood red eyes come toward me.

Many hours later, Blake woke up in a dimly lit room, with stains all over the walls. As soon as his eyes adjusted to the light, a speaker system brok the silence as a man started speaking.

“Hello, Blake. Many have stumbled into the alley of Sixth Street, but I am sad to say, few have survived. You will be playing a game of life and death.”

In one blink of an eye, the room started filling rapidly with water. He tried opening the door, but the door was locked shut.

“The door has one single key. If you find it, you will have wond life back, but if you don’t, you will drown to death in the deep waters of your sorrow. Make your choice. Play the game.”

As the room filled with chilled water, many deep chills ran up and down Blake’s spine.

He had to find the key. It was his only hope of surviving.

He searched the room everywhere, but he couldn’t find the key. By now, he was swimming in the murky waters of the horrible room, looking everywhere.

He double checked everything from the dirty sink to the look floor tile, but he could not find it.

“Ten seconds left,” said the mysterious voice coming from the speaker.

“I feel already dead,” said Blake in a low, dreadful voice. He decided to spend the ten

seconds of his life searching his personal belongings.

He started with his wallet.

“Nine, eight.” The voice was beginning its countdown to Blake’s death. Blake pulled out his walled and opened it. “Seven, six,” the voice droaned.

“What’s this?” Blake asked himself. Inside his wallet was a very odd shaped piece of metal.

“The, the, the key!” Blake screamed with excitement.

“Five, four.”

Blake raced to the door with the key in his right hand, making sure to not let if fall out and sick.

“Three, two.”

Blake stuck the key in the keyhole and … it fit.

He swung the door open and water rushed through the open door.


The door slammed shut with a loud echoing. Boom.

“Congratulations. You’ve made it through Test A.”

As the man that had been talking to him this whole time walked through the door marked, “Test B.”

“Too bad it’s only your first.”

To be continued …

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