Eric Murray: One Saturday morning in March can improve your life |

Eric Murray: One Saturday morning in March can improve your life

Eric Murray
Voice of Your Hospital
Kremmling, Colorado

9Health Fair coordinators are expecting a higher than usual turnout this year to all three of the Grand County health fairs. Extensive promotion and the strained economy top the reasons for the high attendance projection.

Radio public service announcements have been broadcasting for over a month. The Healthcare and Fitness Guide published in January with an informative press release detailing the dates, times, locations and services. Direct mail newsletters have found their way to most mailboxes. Ads are running in the paper. School children are taking home fliers. E-mails are being sent out to numerous organizations, kiosks at local chambers serve as reminders and event posters are everywhere you look.

So, why the extra push this year to provide free and low-cost health screenings, as well as important health care information?

First of all, I suspect it’s because healthcare professionals are driven by a sense of compassion unprecedented by any other industry, service or profession.

Secondly, I believe these professionals are particularly motivated to get the word out this year due to people’s tendency to put off preventative healthcare during tough economic times. Health problems that have gone undiagnosed can become worse the longer they go untreated.

Did you know nearly 10 percent of participants in past health fairs learned of a previously unknown health concern? What if you are walking around with something right now that you can have treated and will improve your life?

While health fairs are not intended to replace health care, they are intended to promote preventative health screenings and provide health education to everyone. You might also meet a physician, specialist, dietician or a physical therapy professional that you can follow up with in the future to partner with on your health and wellness.

Afterward, attendees will have the information they need to better manage their health.

So, make your health a priority and pick a Saturday in April ” April 4 in Kremmling, April 18 in Granby or April 25 in Fraser.

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