Essay competition winner |

Essay competition winner

Maddy Welsh
East Grand Middle School
Grand County, CO Colorado

I didn’t know what was happening at first. I could’ve sworn that it was around noon, both Jon and Logan still had classes.

So why was I moving?

I could feel someone’s greasy, firm hands gripping my side. One of my wheels was spinning, faster and faster. But why?

I could hear tromping footsteps, heavy breathing, and the occasional dumb-sounding chuckle.

And then I realized it; I was being stolen.


I was far past panicking now, even though it was only seconds ago that I realized what was going on. What if I never made it back to that glass trophy case I called home? Would I ever be used in a kick-flip again? All of these questions flooded my mind without reason.

I heard a slam of what must have been a car door. I heard the rev of an engine and one of Elvis’s hit songs.

A heavy coat of cigarette smoke clouded over me. If I could cough, I would have.

I had no feelings in my wheels now, I was so afraid. I tried to make them turn; I tried and tried until the soothing, silky voice of Elvis finally lulled me to sleep.

“What did you do with it, you rotten, nasty -“I heard a voice yell and oddly enough it sounded just like Logan’s.

“I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.” A low rusty voice growled.

“My skateboard!” Logan roared.

Light footsteps and a slur of hushed words I could make out were coming closer.

Silence, like a blanket, covered the area.

Logan’s voice echoed again, “Listen, dude, I don’t like being in this alley, but by the looks of it you do. Can you just hand over my skateboard?”

Sirens echoed through the alley. I heard brakes screeching to a stop, and a firm voice yell, “Hands up!”

I could picture the thief making a break for it. But the police would catch him….

A car door opened, more yelling…..

I was being picked up.

But these hands were oddly familiar-feeling.


I was so exhausted. I shut down my wheels and soon fell asleep.

I woke up to the feel of cement rolling under my wheels. Logan, of course, was out on campus coasting down the sidewalks.

And I was never so happy.