Ethics committee to hear lawmaker-lobbyist dispute |

Ethics committee to hear lawmaker-lobbyist dispute

DENVER (AP) – A legislative ethics committee is set to take testimony from a lawmaker and a lobbyist he says threatened him.

Other lawmakers are also set to testify during Wednesday’s hearing.

Rep. Wes McKinley says lobbyist Nate Gorman shook his fist and “threatened to cut out my lying tongue” during a confrontation over McKinley’s efforts to stop the sale of the Trinidad State Nursing Home.

Gorman, who represents veterans, denies making any threats.

Last year lawmakers voted to sell the nursing home. It’s been losing about $1 million a year and the state has been taking money out of a veterans’ fund to subsidize it.

The ethics committee plans to report back to the Legislature on Friday. If charges are upheld, Gorman could be admonished or suspended from lobbying.

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