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Fake $20 bill found in Granby

Tonya Bina
Granby, CO Colorado

A counterfeit $20 bill was discovered at Country Ace Hardware in Granby on Aug. 6.

“Something on it caught my eye,” said store Manager Amy Kaplanis, who discovered the fake Andrew Jackson while counting the drawer that evening.

Kaplanis described the bill as being on heavy paper like real U.S. currency, but the bill did not have a ridge mark – the strip running vertically through the bill. The bill was also cut differently on the top, Kaplanis said.

“If you looked close at it, you could tell it was counterfeit,” she said. “But if you were really busy and were presented it with a number of other 20-dollar bills, you wouldn’t even notice.”

Kaplanis notified Granby Police of the fake bill. According to Granby Police Chief Bill Housley, the bill will be turned over to the U.S. Secret Service as a matter of policy.

Tonya Bina can be reached at 970-887-3334 ext. 19603

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