Family grateful for help after accident |

Family grateful for help after accident

To all our friends, family and supporters, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for everything during Colton’s accident and the many weeks that followed.

Colton was allowed to come home on June 2, which was a great surprise. He truly is a miracle and we believe that all your thoughts and prayers helped bring him home with us and in a lot better condition than anticipated. He continues to make small improvements every day. Thank you for your continued prayers as Colton has at least two more years of healing.

To the boys at the accident, Torrance Flannigan, Travis Smith, Chazz McQuen-Harvat, Cody Ahrens and Tony Cook, you guys are wonderful. Your quick thinking helped save a friend’s life. You guys mean the world to us.

Thank you to all, Troy Maloney, the EMS, firemen, Flight for Life team, and hospital crew that helped that evening to work so hard to get Colton stable and keep him with us. Words just can’t express enough.

There are so many people to thank. We would like to thank Audrey Covington for getting the benefit dinner started and being the main organizer. We know so many of our friends and Colton’s friends help put this together and worked it. We wish we could list everybody but are too afraid to forget just one person.

The response given at the benefit dinner was truly overwhelming. It brought tears to our eyes. Shane and I are sorry we couldn’t be there in person to thank everyone but just couldn’t bear to leave Colton’s side. Also to Eric and Karen Guess for donating the Time Share and to everyone else who gave such wonderful donations to the dinner and silent auction. Every little bit is huge.

Colton’s helmet helped saved his life and we would like to thank Kim and Erik Woog of Alpine Motor Sports for offering to all local youth an upgrade to their equipment at cost. This is so important in keeping them safe. Also thank you Kim and Erik, along with Fly for helping Colton get a great replacement.

Thank you to John DeCicco, owner of Carquest of Granby for donating the truck that was raffled. Also to Ken Lipsky, Cindy Multerer, Carquest and Mountain Dollar for helping organize and sell tickets. Congratulations to Dick Yost of Granby for winning the truck, and thank you to everyone who purchased tickets.

Thank you to all who sent in donations to Colton at the Credit Union of the Rockies. We want all of you to know that all money from everything has been set aside for doctor bills only, which will help us so very much.

To all our friends and family that visited Colton and us in the hospital, sent food, cards, flowers, gave money, worked our shop, cleaned the house, given us support after getting back home or did anything, it is all so appreciated!

Words cannot express our feelings or how grateful we are to each and every one of you.

Shane, Kim, Peyton and Colton Bodemann