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Fantastic Summer Fitness Vacations

Jackie Wright /The Fitness Trail
Grand Lake, CO Colorado

Over the next four weeks, we will be highlighting fantastic summer fitness vacation locations. The intention is not to target spa vacations, but simply great locations to vacation where you can easily maintain your fitness program.

Initially, we will feature ten guidelines to follow when choosing a fitness vacation location followed by three recommended locations, among many available, that I have personally experienced. As always, please consult your physician prior to beginning any exercise program.

Ten guidelines to shoot for when choosing a fantastic fitness vacation location:

• Varied terrain. This generally enables you to choose from a variety of fitness options. One day may include trekking up a hillside and another may feature snorkeling/diving or windsurfing. However, keep in mind that we are targeting fitness activities, which means that the activity needs to take the place of a bona fide workout when you are home. Fun is great, but maintaining your fitness level is the key.

• Access to fitness studios/health clubs/gyms which may provide you with a venue for weight training workouts or fitness classes, particularly on inclement weather days when you cannot easily perform your workout outdoors. Look for short-term guest passes and facilities with drop-in options for classes and personal training sessions and check out their websites ahead of time so you know what they offer and can plan ahead. Obviously, some higher-end resorts may have fitness facilities on-site but verify the guest policy in terms of cost and usage restrictions.

• Concierge service or comprehensive information provided by the vacation location regarding the fitness level required for the offered hiking and cycling trails/paths so you can plan ahead according to your fitness level. You can usually obtain this information from the local Chamber of Commerce or welcome center.

• This should include maps for safe and fitness-level appropriate walking/running paths provided by the vacation location.

• Easy access to your workout destinations from your home base. You don’t want to spend all day trying to get to the spot where you are going to workout. Plan on one to two hours maximum, going and returning. Remember, you are on vacation!

• Easy access for renting equipment in advance such as kayaks, canoes, hiking gear, water skiing/wake boarding gear, and bicycles. This advanced planning is essential to your vacation workout success.

• Seek out workouts for most everyone you are traveling with so that they can stay fit while on vacation. We are all different, so, again, plan ahead and keep everyone happy.

• Access to professional, certified, and qualified personal trainers, either where you are staying or at a studio/club nearby if you intend to use their services.

• Look for locations which offer workouts you have always wanted to try but have not had the time or access to where you live.

• Workout options that fit within your budget so you can save the bulk of your vacation funds for fun. It usually is free or quite economical to walk/hike/bike in a national park or forest, so fitness vacations don’t have to break the bank.

Next week, the first of three fantastic fitness vacation locations-naturally, Colorado!

Jackie Wright is the owner/manager of Never Summer Fitness, LLC located in Grand Lake, Colorado. She can be reached on her website at, her email at and her blog at

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