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Father, sons join family of Granby log-home builders

Cyndi McCoy
Grand County, Colorado

Working side-by-side with his sons is a dream for custom log home builder Craig Palmer.

With a “go” of a new family-owned business Palmer and sons add an option for quality log home construction services to the Grand County area. The father and son team of Craig and Jake, Jeff and Joe Palmer opened Palmer’s Precision Log Works LLC in February. Services include log accents, railings, trusses, mantels, deco logs, general framing and finish work, tile, chinking, rustic remodels, log “shells” and “dry-ins,” turnkey customs, as well as log furniture.

The new business venture, Craig said, brought their varied backgrounds and strengths together. A home builder in the Missouri Ozarks for years, he built his first log home in 1989 when his boys were young. The family has lived in log homes since, “so the boys,” Craig said, “have grown up building log homes.”

Craig has worked exclusively with logs since a move to Colorado in 1997. One of the homes, a 5,800 square-foot home near Carter Lake, was the cover feature in the September 2001 issue of Log Homes Illustrated.

He says Jake has become an “absolute master at log home construction” and is “an artist with a chain saw.” Jeff, he continued, is an expert carpenter who makes “unbelievable” furniture. He is also the “driving force” behind development of the Web site. Joe, a student at the University of Northern Colorado, spends his summers working with the crew.

Strong work ethic and a commitment to integrity are “admirable” family qualities that Craig says carry over to the business. “We work together with a common cause … friendly service and extreme quality.” With lots of opportunity to discuss new ideas off the site, business talk, he said, “is an ongoing pastime.”

He and his sons decided to combine their efforts so that the whole would “be greater than the sum of the parts.” They came up with the slogan: “Honesty, Quality, Reliability, Always!” which encompasses traits that were “common family values.”

Based out “at the cabin” (a handcrafted 9,200 square-foot home overlooking the Trail Creek Valley the family finished in 2006), the team goes “wherever a job takes us.” Log homes, Craig said, present unique challenges and require “a certain amount of creativity and resourcefulness.” He admits he learns something new on every job.

With a knack for finding solutions, he rather enjoys that part of the job. “I’ve never encountered an issue that wasn’t able to be resolved,” he said. Designing a home that takes advantage of the setting, as well as the client’s lifestyle, “is my specialty.”

He and his sons handle most of the work themselves and boast of the “best of the best” connections in the business to bring in when the need arises. They are currently booking for warm-season projects, with the first inquiries “likely to get the best deals.”

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