Finger pointer has no public stake in Rec center |

Finger pointer has no public stake in Rec center

When Karen Waeschle stands up (in a meeting) and publicly accuses me of wasting her tax dollars, I have to wonder what she’s talking about.

Although she and her husband live within the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District, their property is zoned agriculture over 40 acres. This means that they don’t pay taxes into the rec district fund. Their property taxes will not be increased in perpetuity due to this financial monster.

Nor are they eligible to vote in any rec district election. It’s no surprise that she’s such a huge supporter of this project. She has no financial stake in this at all.

While you and I are paying for people like Karen Waeschle to have a place to “drop off their kids” with our tax dollars, she pays nothing but the annual fee. Does that sound right to you?

Pat Rupert

Winter Park

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