Fire District needs help in keeping snow off hydrants |

Fire District needs help in keeping snow off hydrants

Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 is seeking the help of citizens to ensure that fire hydrants in neighborhoods are cleared from snow on all sides. “We all see the snow piling up, and when snow plows push it to the curb, it often covers or obscures fire hydrant locations,” said Grand Fire Protection Fire Chief Ron Thompson. “If the hydrant is covered with snow and fire department needs to hook hoses to the hydrant in the event of a structure fire, precious time is lost while firefighters clear snow from the hydrant.” Fires in structures spread rapidly and the loss of time required to clear the hydrant could lead to more extensive property damage, or in the worst case, could delay firefighters from entering a residence to rescue a victim.

Granby Fire is working with the Town of Granby and snow plowing contractors to help keep the fire hydrants cleared, but need the public to help too. “We need to be ready to act quickly in the event of a fire and to have the necessary water to advance a rapid and effective attack on any fire occurring in our district,” Thompson said.

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