Fire officials urge caution when using public lands |

Fire officials urge caution when using public lands

If skies are clear this weekend many people will be heading to the great outdoors to recreate. Although much needed, the rains have produced an abundance of grass which is now beginning to cure and dry out at lower elevations.

“Fire danger to this point has been low overall,” said Mark Rogers, Northwest Colorado Fire Management Officer. “But if we get a few days of warm, windy weather, vegetation will dry out in a hurry, especially the smaller fine fuels. This will also move us into higher fire danger.”

Fire officials are encouraging people to be careful with all outdoor fires. When building a campfire remember to:

• Build it in a cleared area free of flammable material

• Keep it as small as possible

• Bring a shovel and bucket in order to extinguish the fire with dirt and water until it’s cold to the touch

• And never leave a campfire unattended; it’s illegal to do so

Please be safe when celebrating our nation’s freedom, leave the fireworks to the professionals. Your local, state, and federal land managers and fire officials wish you a happy holiday weekend.

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