Firefighters brave sub-zero temperatures for training exercises |

Firefighters brave sub-zero temperatures for training exercises

Grand County’s firefighters participated in training exercises using an old school bus in sub-zero temperatures on Tuesday night.

East Grand Fire Chief Todd Holzwarth said volunteer firefighters completed evacuation and extrication drills at the East Grand School District Bus Facility and west parking area of the MPHS football field using a school bus that was no longer operational.

Crews practiced with the built-in emergency exits, as well as creating their own, which turned out to be more difficult than expected because of the high level of construction standards for school buses following a wreck on Monarch Pass involving a Gunnison school bus in the 1970s.

Since then, buses have been upgraded or changed to include complete roll cages, heavier duty body components, multiple braking systems, and automatic transmissions. The bus used by firefighters on Tuesday will be sent to a salvage yard.

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