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Fitness Trail: Get healthy and fit now

Jackie Wright / The Fitness Trail
Grand County, CO Colorado

Taking action is the single simplest way to become healthy and fit. This can be accomplished in many ways depending upon what stage you are at in the pursuit of health/fitness.

If you are just thinking about improving your health and fitness level, you will probably not be prepared to set health/fitness goals yet. If you are actually taking a few steps toward that end by beginning to walk several days a week, you may be ready to prepare written health/fitness goals, which may help propel you to the next step.

Or you may be participating somewhat regularly in an exercise program but are still struggling with consistency, which is the step when you may be at the biggest risk for exercise program lapses. Therefore, over the next three weeks, “taking action” guidelines will be highlighted that may help you to move from one step to the next, finally reaching the point of maintenance when exercise is an integral, regular part of your life. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Taking Action Guidelines – “You are still thinking about improving your health and fitness level.”

• Think linear. Move forward. Take steps that will propel you ahead. Even small steps are important such as reading about health/fitness, chatting with your physician, and attending presentations/seminars presented by health/fitness professionals providing accurate and well-documented information.

• Talk with those who are already healthy and fit. They will have their own “story” to share about how they were able to accomplish their health and fitness goals. You may be surprised how challenging their journey has been and the fact that it is not easy for anyone to be healthy and fit.

It takes time, commitment and sweat, to get there. But, the benefits of exercise are well known and documented. In fact, you probably could list some of those benefits yourself, which is why you are thinking about getting healthy and fit right now.

• However, let’s just review a few of those benefits such as improved cardiovascular health and endurance (i.e. stamina) perhaps reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, improving muscular strength/endurance and flexibility about your joints, better stability, mobility, and the ability to perform your activities of daily living without as many restrictions and limitations. Additionally, weight loss, which is a major benefit for those that require it, may help to lower blood pressure, increase your HDL cholesterol (the good kind), decrease your triglyceride levels, lower your risk for developing diabetes and decrease stress levels.

• Ask yourself some questions about where you are right now and how you feel about your current health and fitness situation. Are you happy and satisfied with your health? Are you performing your activities of daily living competently? Are you able to get out and enjoy life? What are the obstacles that seem to prevent you from becoming healthy and fit?

• There are some legitimate reasons for abstaining from exercise, such as serious illness or significant injury. However, it is amazing what we can do, even in a limited fashion, moving forward in our health/fitness journey. So, keep thinking linear and taking action!

Jackie Wright is the owner/manager of Never Summer Fitness LLC in Grand Lake, Colorado. She can be reached at her website at, her email at, her blog at and her Facebook page at Never Summer Fitness

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