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Fitness Trail: Hot Summer Circuit

Jackie Wright
The Fitness Trail
Jackie Wright The Fitness Trail

Circuit training is an integral part of comprehensive exercise programs. And, while most programs are performed indoors, which you would want to continue throughout the year, as the weather improves it is fun to get outdoors too and enjoy a “hot summer circuit”. Because you are going to use the great outdoors for your “equipment”, all you need is your own body weight and you are good to go.

Follow the guidelines below to create/scout the circuit venue and then perform it as suggested for a fantastic hot summer circuit workout. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Hot Summer Circuit Guidelines

-Choose an outdoor area that is relatively open terrain rather than densely wooded. An example would be a park, a beach around a lake or a broad hiking trail.

-Think of using what is around you such as park benches, trees and tree stumps, and boulders. And, make certain you have access to these “stations” easily so you are able to perform the exercise for that station and then move on quickly.

-You also want a desirable proximity to all stations so that you are able to repeat the circuit two-three times. Choosing seven to ten stations is ideal enabling the circuit to be completed in approximately 15 minutes per round.

-Each station should be performed in approximately 75 second intervals permitting both unilateral and bilateral work to be done (i.e. one side at a time or both sides simultaneously). On cardio stations, perform the full 75 seconds with no break and on all non-cardio stations, take a 15 second break to switch sides when necessary and then repeat another set.

-On cardio designated stations, your goal is to perform high intensity intervals becoming winded if possible, then paying back the oxygen debt within 15 seconds and moving forward. On all other stations, you should hit momentary muscle failure during the final two repetitions of each set. If performed two-three times through, a 7-station circuit should take approximately 40 minutes and a 10-station circuit would require approximately 60 minutes.

-Perform a thorough warm-up prior to beginning the circuit bringing the RPE’s to a 1-2 which is very light to light exertion.

-Remember the sunscreen, water, breathable clothing, hat, good trail walking/running shoes.

-Perform this circuit two-three times/week on non-consecutive days.

7-10 Station Hot Summer Circuit

Station #1: Path/trail walk/run – cardio

Station #2: Alternating squats from a park bench/ boulder approximately 8-10 inches in height

Station #3: Pushups from a park bench, tree stump or standing tree

Station #4: Path/trail walk/run – cardio

Station #5: Lunges – performed from a level surface

Station #6: Path/trail walk/run – cardio

Station #7: Triceps Dips – from a boulder or stable fallen tree/park bench—if you are

choosing the 7-station circuit, after completing this station, return to Station #1 and repeat

Station #8: Path/trail walk/run – cardio

Station #9: Lateral Squats – locate as level a surface as possible and perform one direction traveling from right lead and then from left lead

Station #10: Inverted Rows/Pullups – from a stable branch of a tree or many parks have “pull up” bars you may utilize

Complete the circuit by performing myofascial release followed by a thorough cool down stretch for all major muscle groups of the body.

Jackie Wright is the owner/manager of Mountain Life Fitness, LLC located in Granby. She may be reached at her email address at, her website at and her Facebook page at Mountain Life Fitness.

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