Following your passion with Ana Popovic |

Following your passion with Ana Popovic

Rebecca KohlSky-Hi News

Photo by Mark GoodmanAna Popovic

How do you give birth to your second child, two months later move from Amsterdam to Memphis, Tenn., and start recording a new album while you continue to tour the world? By following your passion, like Ana Popovic.Popovic has been following her passion since she was 15 when she first picked up her father’s guitar.”It is never work,” Popovic said, “It has always been my passion.”Popovic will visit Winter Park at the end of June for the Blues from the Top Music Festival for the third time.”We stayed for family time after the first time I performed and we loved it,” she said.Popovic was born in the “old town of Belgrade, formerly Yugoslavia,” according to her website. A guitarist/bass player, her father held his own home jam sessions with his friends. Popovic grew up listening to his music as well as blues and soul played in their home.”We had a good sound system and played Stevie Ray Vaughn real loud,” she said.She formed her own band “Hush” in 1995, touring and appearing on Yugoslavian television. In 2001 she released her first solo album, also named “Hush,” with Ruff Records. She is so busy touring Europe and the U.S., “It doesn’t really matter where we live,” said Popovic. “Playing both sides of the ocean is something I always wanted to do since my career started.”The United States is her favorite country to tour. She will be on the road in this country for five weeks. Besides Europe, Popovic has performed in Russia, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, and this year she performed at the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai, India.Popovic is mother to 4-year-old Luuk, and just gave birth on June 1 to a beautiful girl, Lenna. As far as her children are concerned, she likes being a musician because she performs at night, which allows her the freedom to spend all day with them.”Being a musician is better than being a business mom.””I like to be in control of my life. I get to decide when I record and when I tour,” she said. “I am a fan of everyday life.”Popovic has recorded eight albums and been nominated for music awards in France, Britain and the United States. A Grammy nomination is her dream.She has no plans of slowing down.”I cannot sit at home,” she said.