Forecasters say low moisture is normal, record high temp reaches 95 in Kremmling |

Forecasters say low moisture is normal, record high temp reaches 95 in Kremmling

It has been exceedingly warm weather for Grand County residents and visitors. It was 95 degrees on Monday, June 25, which is the highest temperature ever recorded at Kremmling airport. The second highest temperature was 94 degrees in 1949 and 1971.

June typically, however, is characterized by low precipitation and humidity, which has many people wishing for rain.

The humidity is low right now since the North American monsoon doesn’t begin until mid-July. The moisture comes up to the Central Rockies but it hasn’t arrived yet, according to Meteorologist Kyle Fredin, of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration headquartered in Boulder.

“A little moisture squeaked in Sunday,” he said.

“Once the ridge breaks down and moves east we will get some of that Gulf of Mexico moisture. This is pretty normal.”

Kremmling temperatures recorded at the NOAA station at McElroy airport on June 22 reached a high temperature of 90 degrees. On both Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and June 24, Kremmling reached a high of 91 degrees.

On June 22, 1968 the high temperature was 88 degrees. June 23, 1971 the highest temperature was 90 degrees.

The Valley

Cathleen Brown, Fraser’s town gardener, has been recording weather at the Fraser Visitor Center, including precipitation. The high and low temperatures on Friday, June 22, included a high of 84 degrees and a low of 30 degrees, though there were rumors of 90s in the Fraser Valley.

On Sunday, the high temperature reading reached 87 degrees and a low of 34 degrees.

“It’s also interesting to note that the last measurable precipitation was a over a month ago, on May 24,” said Brown.

June 24, 1971, was the recorded high of 85 degrees in Winter Park, according to Fredin. The weather site in Winter Park has since discontinued temperature reading and all temperature data is collected from Kremmling.