Forest Service fuels project loggers move to Vasquez Road near Winter Park |

Forest Service fuels project loggers move to Vasquez Road near Winter Park

WINTER PARK – Logging contractors have moved cutting operations to Vasquez Road (NFSR 148) as part of the Fraser Boundary Fuels Project. The project is removing fuels and reducing the opportunity for wildfire near the towns of Fraser and Winter Park.

Vasquez Road/148 will be manned by flaggers while logging operations are underway. Expect delays. All adjacent dispersed campsites and trails, including Twin Bridges Trail, will be temporarily closed.

A second crew will begin work later this week in the Elk Meadows area at the end of County Road 72, and log hauling continues along D2 and D4. The entire area between these roads, including the WTB Trail, remains closed.

In addition, pile burning is underway on old fuel treatment units near the junction of Blue Sky Trail (N86) and Twin Bridges.

Cutting will take place seven days a week in all but one unit at the end of Arapaho Road, while hauling by log trucks will still be limited to weekdays.

Please respect these temporary safety closures so that loggers can complete their work and move on as quickly as possible.

During this operation, loggers will remove all lodgepole pine 7 inches in diameter and greater and all dead and dying lodgepole pine 5 inches in diameter and greater, as well as trees infected with mistletoe. Materials that can be sold for lumber will be removed on trucks. Tree tops and branches in the two units closest to the Town of Winter Park will be chipped and hauled. Slash piles elsewhere will be burned at a later date.

For public safety, closures will remain in effect during evenings, weekends and holidays. Please follow posted signs. Maps of alternate routes and recreation areas are available at the entry points to the work areas, on the Sulphur Ranger District website and at various locations around town including bike shops and the Winter Park Visitor’s Center. Call 970-887-4100 or visit for more information.

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