Forever Young: Ready for the real world? |

Forever Young: Ready for the real world?

Damaris Acevedo
Forever Young Editor

Our high school career is almost over. There are only a few more weeks of school left. We’ll finally be done with high school and begin our new lives in the “real world.” That is exciting but nerve-racking at the same time.

All I’m asked now is, “What are your plans for next year?” Everyone has been asking me this since the beginning of the school year and I’m sure I’m not the only one being asked. Most will say they plan to attend college, while others will say they’ll take a year off and work. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to start thinking about our future.

My dad always told me to think smart about my future. My plan was to start a career in accounting or journalism. Of course, that takes more school and learning. While the option of going to college is still open and I’m in no hurry to go, I’m still thinking of other ways to start my career, or at least, get a job.

Today’s college graduates walk away from their campuses with a diploma and a degree in their hand. Where does that take them? Because of today’s economy, it’s hard to find a good-paying job where they will work with the profession they studied for. That is why, after four or more years of hard work and studying, graduates are stuck at home looking online or through the newspaper for jobs.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to go to college because of the economy’s situation, or that college is a bad idea in general. Instead, I’m advising those who are going to attend college next year to think about their future. They should pick a career that would benefit them in the long run, but one they also love to do.

Our economy makes no promises that someone with a degree from college will start their career as soon as they graduate, or that they will be successful right as they get their diploma. Success comes from hard work and effort; it is never handed to you.

That is why, as my father advises, we must keep an open mind and think that, even after college, we might end up working in a small business lower than our profession before we actually start our careers. That doesn’t mean we failed. On the contrary – it means that we are able to start somewhere and build up from there. That, my friends, is something to be proud of.

I wish everyone the best when we get into the real world. It’s a scary place out there but if we think smart about our future and look at it in a bright way, I know we will be successful in whatever we do and wherever we go.