Former nonprofit director sentenced |

Former nonprofit director sentenced

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi News
Grand County, CO Colorado

Kelly Stern, a former nonprofit executive director, is serving jail time for having stolen funds from the Grand County-based childcare-provider support organization Grand Beginnings.

Since her sentencing trial on June 28, Stern has been serving a 60-day jail sentence as part of a deferred judgment on a felony theft charge.

The former director, who now lives in Waynesboro, Pa., pleaded guilty in Grand County District Court to a class 4 felony theft of $1,000 to $20,000 and class 2 misdemeanor theft charge of under $500.

A third charge was dismissed by the 14th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Judge Mary Hoak has deferred judgment on the felony theft charge for a period of three years as Stern undergoes supervised probation and performs 100 hours of public service, according to the sentencing report. As part of the deferred sentencing, however, Stern was ordered to spend 90 in jail, with 30 days suspended.

As part of the three-years probation ordered for the class 2 misdemeanor sentencing, Stern must write an “apology letter to the victim,” according to the sentencing order.

She was ordered to pay $6,063 in restitution to Grand Beginnings, a total $241 to a Victims Assistance Fund, and $163 to a Victims Compensation Fund. With court costs and other fees, the total amount Stern is required to pay amounts to $8,715.

A Grand Beginnings official expressed that she felt justice was served.

“After working with the … District Attorney’s office in a deliberate and thoughtful way, the Grand Beginnings Board of Directors felt justice could be served by having a theft conviction show on Kelly Stern’s permanent background check record,” said the nonprofit’s president Gail Vanbockern.

“This was achieved through her conviction and sentencing. The board has moved on in the past year and a half and has hired Sheryl Shushan as our Executive Director, and the Grand Beginnings nonprofit organization is thriving and expanding and continues to improve the quality of child care across the county.”