Fox Run offers move-in incentives for long-term leases |

Fox Run offers move-in incentives for long-term leases

In the year 2000, the Towns of Fraser and Winter Park joined forces and purchased the 3-acre parcel on County Road 8, where Fox Run sits today. This land was donated to the Grand County Housing Authority for the express purpose of building affordable rental housing. A private/public partnership was successfully created to fund the project. The terrain of this land presented a considerable building challenge but the project moved forward when the Grand County commissioners offered the services of the Grand County Road and Bridge department to provide the site excavation.

Today, the tenants who live there provide essential support for local businesses, allowing them to meet the seasonal and fluctuating demands of our tourist and second-home-based economy. Without the affordable rents at Fox Run restaurants, services, and contractors would have it even harder than they do now.

In 2008 an inspection determined there was mold in 12 of the 64 units. The mold was confined to the crawlspaces and in no instance was it found inside the units themselves. The Fox Run board, working with the Grand County Housing Authority began seeking a solution and the money to get it done. Their efforts were successful.

The crawlspaces were cleaned of all traces of mold and sealed off to prevent future problems. All the impacted sheetrock and insulation was replaced, channels were dug under the buildings to collect any water and permanent sump pumps were installed to remove it. Proper ventilation was provided and the mold in the crawlspace was completely and permanently eliminated.

Unfortunately, Fox Run’s problems didn’t end there, recent inspections brought to light a lesser problem with mold in five of the attics.

As in the first instance, no mold was found inside the living space and like the crawlspaces it will be completely and permanently eliminated.

Air quality has been tested and there are clean and mold-free units available now for a long-term lease.

Until they are all leased up liberal move-in incentives are being offered. Call Fox Run today to find out how to take advantage of Grand County’s most affordable living., (970) 726.8822, ext. 232.

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