Fraer-Winer Park police commendations deserved more coverage |

Fraer-Winer Park police commendations deserved more coverage

To the Editor:

On your June 5 issue on page 5 was a small piece about the Fraser-Winter Park Police Department and its officers receiving commendations including two of the officers receiving medals of valor for their involvement in the standoff that occurred on Thanksgiving night.

I know most of these officers and am familiar with the situation that occurred that night. I am truly disappointed in the lack of coverage for such an amazing event. Although an officer’s job is to serve and protect, we don’t often realize what tremendous dangers they can face on a daily basis. I have the feeling that if this event would have shed negative light on the police the coverage would have been more extensive.

These officers, especially Officers Trainor, Schroetlin and Yabarra, directly put their lives at risk to save an armed man who was bent on suicide and who eventually shot at these officers only missing them by inches. These officers walked away with their lives and were able to go home to their families. Due to their courage, selflessness and desire to protect the public, they also prevented this armed man who shot at them from killing himself and being able to one day go home to his family.

These officers had every justifiable right to protect their lives and shoot this man on several occasions, but chose to put his life before theirs. Now this is truly an amazing story worth the coverage.

These people take on a great burden when they put on that uniform. They are not liked by some because of the mere fact that they are police officers and are quick to be criticized. Police are and should be held to a higher standard. As in every profession or corner of our society, you will have bad apples. I must say though that knowing most of the officers at the Fraser-Winter Park Police Department we are very lucky to have these officers serving our community.

I know these officers don’t desire the attention from incidents such as this, but I think they should truly be recognized for their courage and selflessness. I am disappointed and even disgusted in the priority in coverage. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad to know that there are chickens in Parshall and that the earth shattering tick paralysis to someone’s dog was prevented by someone’s quick actions.

Arlon Mays


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