Frank Watts: Why don’t people understand implications of entitlements? |

Frank Watts: Why don’t people understand implications of entitlements?

To the Editor:

What is there about entitlement vs. taking personal responsibility that half the population doesn’t seem to understand?

On a large scale we have the liberal apologists who think that after two years in office Obama shouldn’t take responsibility for the mess we find ourselves in. The liberal social engineering of the last 70 years and the more recent liberal stimulus, pork, and socialization of health care has driven us into $14 trillion of debt. Then learn that if you add state and municipal government debt the number goes up 10 times – to $140 trillion – mostly from the liberal east and left coasts. Unemployment up over 9 percent again, under-employment at 16 percent, housing values again falling, further devaluation of our bucks, gas at $4 per gallon, food prices up, on ad nauseam.

On a smaller scale our neighbors are driving 15/20 MPH over the speed limit in residential neighborhoods, a guy parking sideways at the post office taking three stalls, people throwing trash from their car, a police chief who lets his car idle while he is in the office, The government worker taking insane benefits with little contribution, on ad nauseam.

Does half the population believe that they are personally entitled? Entitled to take advantage of other people? Entitled because they are more important than others? Entitled to take from the “rich” – which, even at an 80 percent rate – wouldn’t dent the debt? Do they think that some bureaucrat in Washington, when entitled, will know better who really needs help than we here at home? Entitled to continue their full entitlement benefit but think others need to cut theirs?

Could the people on the large scale and the small scale be largely the same folks?

Frank Watts

Winter Park Highlands