Fraser adopts Art in Public Places program |

Fraser adopts Art in Public Places program

Adding diversity to mountain towns is a great way to attract visitors and build a strong community. For those passing through and not participating in main activities such as skiing or mountain biking, an incentive to stop in a town can be crucial for success. The Town of Fraser is planning to enhance their community image through their public art program.

The Fraser Town Council passed an ordinance establishing an Art in Public Places program. The ordinance was introduced at the November 2 Board of Trustees meeting and sets forth funding, terms of artwork selection, and delegates certain responsibilities. The board determined that the establishment of the Art in Public Places Program is crucial for the purpose of encouraging and enhancing artistic expression and appreciation and to add value to the Fraser community through acquiring, exhibiting and maintaining public art. The ordinance says the Board believes that art is vitally important to the quality of life in the community. The community’s values and general image are communicated and demonstrated best through public art

Fraser implemented a Public Arts Committee (PAC) earlier this year. Town Manager Jeff Durbin said he was very exited for the creation of the art in public places program.

According to the ordinance, all public construction projects shall be brought to the Public Art Committee (PAC) for consultation in the interest of incorporating art into the project to enhance artistic and esthetic values of the project. The Town Manager will exercise reasonable efforts to include PAC recommendations into public construction projects. The Town Board may allocate funds to the Art in Public Places Program within the General Fund. All works of art with a value less than $10,000 proposed for donation to the Town of Fraser may be accepted after approval of the PAC. All artwork with a value of $10,000 or more may be accepted upon approval of the Board of Trustees.

The PAC meets regularly on the third Friday of the month at the Fraser Town Hall.

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