Fraser approves North Retail, Bottle Pass expansion |

Fraser approves North Retail, Bottle Pass expansion

Hank Shell

The Fraser Board of Trustees approved the development permit and final plan for a new retail area in Grand Park as well as the expansion of Bottle Pass Liquors at its Oct. 7 meeting.

The board had delayed action on the permit and plan for North Retail at Grand Park pending clarification of whether the public right of way on John’s Drive that would access the center was adequate.

Plans for North Retail, which will be built in Grand Park’s Meyer’s Subdivision, include 85,000 square-feet of new retail space.

Trustee Jane Mather said she felt the right of way question was still unresolved and wanted to see a new traffic study conducted.

“My memory was that we were waiting for how we were going to address this roadway that goes back behind there so that we have some assurance now that we’re going to actually have a roadway there that we can drive along when we get more traffic along U.S. 40 or even now,” Mather said.

The resolution presented left it to town staff to resolve the issue, which Mather disagreed with.

“I think this is a sufficiently important thing that the town board should make these final decisions because we’re the elected officials,” Mather said.

Town Manager Jeff Durbin countered that there were no professional engineers on the town board, adding that he was confident that the town staff had “all the tools” needed to resolve the issue.

The permit and plan were approved with Mather and Trustee Eileen Waldow dissenting.

The board unanimously approved a permit for Bottle Pass Liquors to expand into Unit 100 of the Fraser Market Place.

The expansion will add about 1,000 square-feet of retail space and 300-square feet of storage space to the business.

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