Fraser board refers medical marijuana issue to ballot |

Fraser board refers medical marijuana issue to ballot

Reid Armstrong
Sky-Hi News

The Town of Fraser board of trustees approved, Wednesday, Aug. 18, wording for a local ballot measure that would ask Fraser voters to decide whether the town should allow medical marijuana centers inside town limits.

The board also approved a question asking voters whether the board should be allowed to collect sales tax on medical marijuana.

Town Manager Jeff Durbin explained why the board decided to go take the issue to a vote. “In the board’s initial discussions, (trustee) Peggy Smith was vehemently opposed to allowing anything related to marijuana anywhere near Fraser,” he said. Other board members were a bit more open to the issue.

“The Fraser board has always preferred a strong majority or a unanimous vote,” Durbin said. “Other communities are OK with a 4-3 vote. So the board said, ‘If there’s enough disagreement among us, let just take it to the voters and see what they think.”

The question regarding allowing the centers shall read: “Shall the Town of Fraser, Colorado prohibit medical center, optional premises cultivation operations and medical marijuana-infused products manufacturers?”

Those in favor of allowing the centers will need to vote “No.” Those opposed to the centers will vote “Yes.” Some board members wanted to change the wording on this question but couldn’t because the new state law only allows the board to refer the question to the voters as part of an opt out provision.

The question regarding tax will read: “Shall the Town of Fraser taxes be increased by $100,000 the first full fiscal year (2011) and by whatever amounts are raised annually thereafter through the imposition and assessment of additional tax in the amount of five percent (5%) of the gross taxable sale amount paid or charged for purchasing medical marijuana, medical marijuana paraphernalia, and medical marijuana-infused products; and shall all revenues derived from such tax be collected and spent to promote the general purposes of the Town of Fraser as a voter approved revenue change notwithstanding any revenue or expenditure limitations contained in Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution?”

Those in favor of the tax will need to vote “Yes.” Those opposed to the tax will need to vote “No.”

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