Fraser, Grand Park at odds over banner |

Fraser, Grand Park at odds over banner

Will Bublitz
Sky-Hi Daily News

The banner signs on the construction fence at the Grand Park development sparked some questions during the Fraser Town Council meeting Wednesday.

During the “opportunity for the audience” period of the meeting, a question was raised about the whether the banner signs violated the town’s sign code. In response, Town Manager Jeff Durbin said there is “some dispute” between the town and Grand Park over the interpretation of the sign code.

Durbin further explained the town has requested the banners be removed because it believes they violate its sign code. However, Grand Park has contended the banners are exempt from the code, claiming they were part of a “safety barricade” to keep people off a nearby construction site.

Mayor Fran Cook said the town could not legally order the banners to be taken down until the dispute is resolved. Durbin said the town had requested Grand Park to submit a sign application and is currently “working through that” with Grand Park.

Also present was Greg Gallavan, a Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District (FVMRD) board member who said that what upset many people about the banners was that one of them named the development as the future site of the “Grand Park Community Recreation Center.” That name is being opposed by local citizens group.

Gallavan went on to advocate a different name be found for the recreation center. He said he hoped the center’s upcoming groundbreaking would be “a celebration rather than a protest.”

On the groundbreaking for the recreation center itself, Fraser Town Planning Director Catherine Trotter said the final details are being worked out and she expected to be able to issue a building permit by next week, possibly as early as Monday. The recreation center is part of a $19.5 million bond approved by Fraser Rec District voters in last November’s election.

In a related matter, Fraser Rec District Director Scott Ledin said he submitted an $800,000 grant application to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs last week to pay for additional athletic/health facilities that were not part of the recreation center’s original plan.

In other business Wednesday, the town board gave its approval to both the subdivision exemption plat for the Grand Mountain Bank Center as well as the Cozens Meadow Old Victory Road Final Acceptance.

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