Fraser Library book sale a smashing success |

Fraser Library book sale a smashing success

To the Editor:

I may be just a mannequin, but I heard and saw a lot during my visit at the front entry of the Fraser Library. I was so impressed by all of you who spoke to me that even though I was speechless at the time.

I feel compelled to speak out now. I was put there to inform everyone about the BIG move for the annual Friends Used Book Sale from the Art Affair tent to the Library Community Room. I’m pleased to announce that I was very successful. Thank you all for coming and buying tons of good books during the three day sale.

Everyone who donated books deserves thanks. The tireless book sorters led by Joan Shaw work year-round in the donated space at Meadowridge. Thanks to Ruth Mitchell, Jean Tidball, Sue Haith, Sue Jackson, Marty Williams, Karen Giblin, Ann Thompson, Carolyn Manly, Mary Bernard, Kathy Hunt and Julie Sawyer.

I stood and watched many strong men move boxes of books into the library on Friday morning. John Kacik with his sons Jake and Henry, Marshall Simone, Brett Schuessler, Ed Mikich, Roger Shaw, Jean Greaux, and Tim Barrett. Organizing the books after their arrival at the library were Roxanne Singler, LA Smith, Karen Giblin, Ruth Mitchell, Wanda Barrett, Nancy Greaux and Christina Gomez.

The presale began at 5 p.m. Friday and I could hardly believe how many buyers, sellers and browsers there were. The sellers led by Sue Haith were Joan and Mike Dardis, Gail Foster, Jim and Mary Bernard, Ed and Sue Jackson, Wanda Barrett, Jean Tidball, Carol Cahalane, Margaret Gutgesell, Judy Lowe, Lynn Barrows, Don and Carolyn Manly, Lee Thompson, John and Deb Erwin, Kathy Mikol and Ruth Mitchell.

Cleanup on Sunday afternoon happened quickly thanks to a lot of the sellers and Ingrid Anderson.

Meanwhile, at the Art Affair, information about the new library location along with coupons and maps, designed by librarian Suzie Cruz, were given out by Mike and Joan Dardis and Gail Foster, past chairs of the Booksale. Helping them were Patty Ellis, Jane Pfaff, Sue Callahan, Margaret Getgesell, Wanda Barrett, Julie Sawyer and Don Fender.

Special thanks to Linda Brumagin for storing the books over the long winter months. Drew McCoy was the strong man that got them there. Karen Giblin, the money counter, was the official third chairman before, during and after the book sale. She reports over $3,800 was raised to benefit our library.

My library job is finished and I’ve returned home to Tabernash. Please continue your support by joining the Friends of the Grand County Library. Membership forms are available at all the library branches.

Fraser in-library book sales continue year round with good current fiction and children’s books. We’ll be accepting book donations again after Sept. 1.

Thanks for a great sale.

Lillian the “Librarian”

Sue Haith and Joan Shaw

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