Fraser mayor pens letter opposing proposed Trump cuts |

Fraser mayor pens letter opposing proposed Trump cuts

A copy of the letter sent to Senator Gardner.

Fraser Mayor Philip Vandernail sent a letter to Sen. Cory Gardner last week detailing the town’s opposition to a number of the Trump administration’s proposed cuts that would affect the town.

The letter specifies three proposed cuts and their potential impact on the town. The letter begins addressing a proposed cut to Community Development Block Grants, which the town sees as necessary to help address affordable housing issues.

The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration is considering more that $6 billion in cuts at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to preliminary budget documents revealed in March. The plan would end most community development grants funded by the federal government.

“We have been working towards creating more affordable units for our work force,” the letter reads. “If programs like the Community Development Block Grants are no longer funded or adequately funded it may not be possible to achieve this goal.”

The letter also brings up plans to cut federal funding to the Department of Transportation.

The proposed $2.4 billion cut would eliminate federal funding for Amtrak’s 15 long-distance train routes across the country.

The letter emphasizes that the Amtrak stops in the middle of Fraser, and voiced concerns over decreased visitors, tourism revenue, increased population and increased greenhouse gas emissions.

“We have a vision that the train will be the focal point of our new revitalized downtown area,” the letter read.

The final item in the letter addressed the proposed elimination of state and local government tax deduction, what Vandernail called vital to the residents of Fraser.

The controversial overhaul of the federal tax code was announced by President Trump in April.

“This is a fundamental element to the federal income tax code and should remain available.”

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