Fraser owes Grand Park $338,000 in water tap credits, development official says |

Fraser owes Grand Park $338,000 in water tap credits, development official says


Grand Park President Clark Lipscomb says the town of Fraser owes him $338,000 for tap fees.

“That’s a lot of money,” he said. “We have a very clear agreement and they’re not in compliance with our agreement. They need to comply with the agreement. They need to pay us the money they owe us.”

The annexation agreement between the developer and town states that after Grand Park builds water facilities, Fraser will then credit them, he said.

Lipscomb said the town is supposed to rebate them quarterly.

“For over two years, they’ve owed us in excess of $338,00,” he said.

When people pay Fraser for building permits they also pay water tap fees. Grand Park builds water treatment plants, water pipe lines and wells.

“As we build water facilities … the town gives us credit for X number of taps,” he added.

Lipscomb said if a project costs $30,000, and the tap fee is $3,000, Grand Park gets 10 tap credits. Then, when a Grand Park employee pays a building permit and tap, that tap is deducted from the 10 credits.

The town doesn’t have a reason not to pay the developer, he said.

“We’re evaluating what we’re going to do right now,” Lipscomb said. “We’re trying to work with them and have been working with them for over two years to kind of understand what their issues are to come to a resolution that works for both parties.

“I’m at the end of my rope, which is why I went to that town board meeting because I’m tired of going in circles with them on this matter and I’m done. The agreement’s clear ” live up to the end of the agreement. We’re not renegotiating an agreement.”

He said he was charged with that statement: “We had an agreement, live up to the agreement,” when the recreation center was being planned.

Fraser Mayor Fran Cook referred questions to Town Manager Jeff Durbin. He did not return messages on his office or cell phone before 7 p.m. on Thursday.